The essence of photography, step by step!

20 sheets on photography technique and 12 sheets on composition, arranged in a clear progressive way for you to learn digital photography. 

You can keep them on your smartphone, PC or tablet, and print them - caution: for your own use only! You will not be allowed to sell them of transfer them to third parties - any time you want to.

PhotoGraphics download: 67€

Personal print license: 117€

- 90% discount

Download + Licence:

184€  17€

What will I learn from the PhotoGraphics?

Basically all the notions that you need to take successful pictures. You have it all: from the exposition triangle to what autofocus mode you should choose, from the tricks that provide an amazing blurred portrait to how and when to perform the white balance.

A training session with a teacher who explains all these concepts would be at least 300€ worth. We charge 70€ each to licence/license them for commercial use to photography schools and websites. For professionals, we licence/license them for download and printing at 67 + 117 = 184€.  Today you can have them all (32) with a 90% discount at just 17€, that is less than 60 cents each.

The reason behind this offer is quite simple: we decided that the PhotoGraphics should not be limited to the industry's circles and operators; they should also be directly accessible to individual photography lovers (with a personal use clause).

Now let me explain why they are so effective and a breakthrough tool in the photography training landscape.

The PhotoGraphics

- 90% Discount

184€  17€

How to use the PhotoGraphics.

Everybody knows that, in order to learn or quickly go through a subject, you do not need a lot of frills, but clarity and easiness

So we wanted to design a tool that:

- Allows you to learn and go through your techniques quickly and effectively

- Clarifies your doubts at the most important moment, that is when you are away from home taking pictures 

Fills big or small gaps that many amateur photographers have had for a very long time

Therefore we set to work with top professionals to condense all the basic concepts of Photography Techniques and Composition in some sheets that you can study and take anywhere with you. 

As you will see, this a completely new way of learning photography. More concise and effective. 

Generally speaking, when you want to study or revise any photography concept, you have to go through videos and books, which is very good, but takes a lot of time and sometimes ends in a lack of focus.

Our students, instead, making use of the PhotoGraphics, can refer to the relevant sheet in case of doubts and check it very quickly. 

Thanks to visual memory, they can immediately recall the subjects as soon as they see them on the PC screen or in their hands. 

They really are an amazing training tool: you have an explanation, a scheme and a mind map at the same time. 

PhotoGraphics download: 67€

Personal print license: 117€

- 90% discount

Download + Licence:

184€  17€

What are PhotoGraphics like?

In the headline of each PhotoGraphic there is a brief definition of the subject it deals with.

Below, in a logic and schematic order, you will find pictures, remarks and drawings that shall: 

  • Help you understand the technical or composition aspect that makes the object of the sheet;
  • Clarify any doubt in no time;
  • Give you relevant clues as to how to act in practice.

On the back of the sheet, if you wish, you can take notes on your shooting session, your impressions, questions and doubts for further reading. 

That is why you have a licence to print the PhotoGraphics - for your own personal use - as many times as you like. 

Actually you can scribble and crumple your sheets whenever you want. 

Keeping the PhotoGraphics with you when you hang around taking pictures will be like a reminder on what really ought to be taken into account when shooting.

The PhotoGraphics

  • You can study them at home, on your PC and take them with you on a journey, on your mobile device.
  • You also have a print licence - for your own use only.
  • Complete, accurate, succinct
  • Clear, focused graphics
  • All the main features and buttons of your camera
  • The most important composition rules
  • Suitable for reflex, mirrorless and bridge

Buy them at a unique price!

PhotoGraphics download: 67€

Personal print license: 117€

- 90% discount

Download + Licence:

184€  19€